When your child becomes a victim of bulling, there are so many emotions that come pouring out and all you want to do is protect them. In some cases, parents can get very upset and lose their minds — so to speak. Imagine what your children are going through? Like with most everything in the world, getting educated can help you get through anything. Here are some things that your kids can do when bullying occurs – whether they are being bullied or if they see someone being bullying.

If you are being bullied…reach out and tell an adult. Sometimes you may have to tell more than one trusted adult or ask your friends to help you — there is safety in numbers. Practice what to say the next time you’re bullied with your parents, teachers or friends — knowing what to do or what to say can really help in the moment.

Speaking of the moment, be cool. Stay calm and confident — don’t show the bully that you’re sad or mad. Ignore the bully and walk away and remember, fighting back can make bullying worse.

Change the attitude at your school or community. Work with others to stop bully behaviour and your whole school will benefit. A lot of kids have to cope with bullying — you are not alone and no one deserves to be bullied.

If you see someone being bullied…interrupt it. Stand next to or speak up for the person being bullied. Ask the bully to stop then comfort the person being bullied and offer friendship. When you walk away and get help from an adult who can intervene.

If you are the bully…make an effort to change. Talk to someone you trust like a parent or a teacher and find out how to get along better with others. Ask a friend to help you stop your bully behaviour and then apologize to the kids you have bullied. There’s always a reason why a bully bullies, he or she isn’t just a rotten kid — no one is born that way. Sometimes peer pressure can lead kids into bully or there is problems at home. Think about what it feels like to be bullied and would you want to be treated that way? Think before you speak and consider if your words will help or hurt another person.
If you start to bully, walk away and find something else to do — you don’t have to like everyone around you but you do have to treat everyone with respect.

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