Raising a child is one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do but now imagine if you had twins. Some parents have more than one child but it’s not the same thing because when you go through their ups and downs, it’s not at the same time.

Having twins can be overwhelming and exciting all at the same time but there are some things to keep in my mind as you raise your double bundle of joy.

It’s all about the routine so staying on a schedule is important — it’s important for your twins as well as for you and your partner. If one is eating, the other one should be eating, if one is sleeping, the other one should be sleeping.

Of course, spousal support is very important but support from your family and friends. If any one of these people asks if you need anything and don’t turn them down and don’t feel guilty. Picking up stuff from the grocery store or have them watch the kids while you shower.

Breastfeeding is hard for any mother in the first few weeks. You might make enough breast milk for both babies or you might need to supplement with some formula. It can be an overwhelming thought to breastfeed twins but with the support of your spouse or a lactation specialist, you have the best chance for success.

Get outside for a bit. Taking twins out is hard, but with a little practice, you can get good at it. Go for a walk, go to the store, wherever — just get out of the house. It does not have to be for long but getting out for a short period of time makes you feel like a normal person again.

Find time for you and your partner. The first few months will be a whirlwind and you likely won’t find much time to do this. When you do have a moment, take it. It may seem like a lot but have a date night 2 or 3 times a month — this helps reconnect with each other.

Postpartum blues and postpartum depression are real. Everyone’s experience is different but yours can be stronger with twins. Being doubly overwhelmed with having the responsibility of two children right away can be hard. For the most part, it gets better every day as you get more confident as a parent.

One baby may need more attention than the other or you’ll find out that one baby may be more needy than the other baby at times. Don’t feel guilty about holding one baby more than the other — this will even out over time and they will take turns needing more attention.

Spend time with one child at a time. As your twins get older, some one on one time with each parent can help to foster your relationship. This can be as simple as taking one child to the grocery store, the park or to lunch. It is not only good for the child but is also good for the parents.

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