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Kidz Junction — Serving the Community

Kidz Junction Daycare and Out of School Care Ltd. is the South side’s newest premium childcare centre. Opening our doors at the beginning of 2016, we provide a fun and educational atmosphere. With eighty-five spaces within the five core programs, we make sure that your child’s needs are first and foremost.

The aim of our programs is to provide quality care. Fostering growth and development of your total child—socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We offer warm and friendly surroundings so that every child feels encouraged and supported in their endeavours. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of each child within the whole group in a manner that is age appropriate.

We offer a wide variety of activities and equipment in order to encourage and enhance the learning experience. Offering experiences and opportunities that promote interests, individuality and group shared experiences, Kidz Junction fosters co-operation, a sense of responsibility, respect for others, and independence. We recognize the fact that parents are the most important aspect of the child-rearing experience and welcome you to visit and to take a tour of our programs during regular business hours.

Program Offerings

Children learn through interaction, play, and socializing. First and foremost, we recognize that kids should be allowed to be kids: guided by an adult who is nurturing, giving, and caring, a child will flourish in a positive, clean, and friendly environment. At Kidz Junction we believe that every child deserves to be happy and satisfied with their childcare situation. Children should learn, laugh, play, and discover a truly fulfilling day, every day. We provide plenty of opportunities for crafts, games, songs, storytelling, and much more.

In developing the core programs for Kidz Junction, a number of very important principles regarding children were taken into account:

Our Vision

Kidz Junction Day Care and Out of School provides a positive, structured place for your child to learn and grow. Our goals include flexible programs that value the individual and diverse needs of your family as well as observing the respect and dignity of every child. We provide a vibrant, play-based program that encourages children to be innovative and to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for success both at school and in life. The most important thing we can impart to the children who attend Kidz Junction is that they are all amazing in their own way, a fact that will build their confidence and help them to achieve success no matter which path they choose later down the road.