Young Infant Program

(6 months — 18 months)

Young Infant Program (6 months — 18 months)

Young Infant Program (6 months — 18 months)

The purpose of this program is to nurture your child’s essential needs. Most importantly, infants will receive nurturing in a safe, healthy, and loving environment. They will be supervised during a thorough regimen of body care, feeding, resting, and sleeping. The development of their social skills will be learned through an assortment of playful learning experiences. Infants will explore their creativity and imagination through play both with toys and with others of their age.

In the infant room, children will be given the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe and stimulating environment. Weekly activities will be planned to meet the interests of your child and to encourage exploration, learning, and independence. Bottle feeding and solid foods will be provided. Each child will have his/her own crib or mat as a number of sleep/rest times will be required. The staff will change diapers, maintain the cleanliness of the facility, and closely monitor all the infants in the room.

Kidz Junction’s supervision of young infants will abide by a 4:1 ratio (that is, one staff member will supervise a maximum of 4 infants). Parents will be given daily reports of their child’s day (i.e. meals, length of nap time, etc.).