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Kinder Program

(4½ years — 6 years)

Kinder Program (4½ years — 6 years)

This program concentrates on developing your child’s academic skills through a variety of activities. By use of group and individual project work, children will expand their skills in mathematics, science, social skills, music, visual arts, drama, and language. Through daily routines, Kidz Junction staff will teach your child to apply these skills to reading, writing, and basic mathematics.

Children will be offered choices of play in the learning centres (science/sensory, creative art, books, and dramatic centre) as well as an academically oriented curriculum. Our weekly program plans implement activities that encourage children to develop writing, reading, and math skills such as recognizing and printing uppercase and lowercase letters, writing words and short messages (sentences), printing numbers to 50, counting to 100, and adding and subtracting up to 10, all to prepare them for the first grade. Children will learn basic vocabulary, colours, numbers, shapes, days of the week, month of the year, simple phrases, songs, and games.

Kidz Junction’s kinder program will have an outdoor playground with age-appropriate play structures and various outdoor games. Weather permitting, outdoor activities will be scheduled twice a day (morning and afternoon). Breakfast and snacks will be provided. Quiet activities will also be offered every day. At the end of the week there will be a general overview of the child’s activities and accomplishments in their cubby. This age group will also be offered a program called the “reading club” where staff members will lead children by their age and their ability to participate. Children will learn to recognize their sight words as the basis of reading and writing.

Kidz Junction’s supervision of kinder children will abide by a 10:1 ratio (one staff supervising not more than 10 children).