Toddler Program

(19 months — 35 months)

Toddler Program (19 months — 35 months)

The purpose of this program is to help children have a healthy and smooth transition from home to preschool. Basic routines and the development of social skills are learned through an assortment of learning experiences. Toddlers are set up to explore creativity and imagination through play and visual arts.

In the toddler room, children will be given the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe and stimulating environment. Weekly activities will be planned to meet the interests of each child and to encourage exploration, learning, and independence. The furniture will be child-sized so your child can learn independent self-help skills such as eating. Breakfast and hot lunches will be provided. Each child will have his/her own cot as a daily sleep/rest time is required. The staff will guide and assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing, and personal hygiene skills.

Toddler Program (19 months — 35 months)

Because communication becomes more important at this age, children will be encouraged to develop language skills through songs, stories, and games. This will help expand their vocabulary and expressive language. “Circle time” will be interactive and will encourage child participation. The child will enjoy sensory exploration and discrimination through sand and water play. Age-appropriate educational toys will teach your toddler various concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers, and sizes. Toddlers will also have an outdoor playground with age-appropriate play structure (slides, ropes, stairs, etc), riding toys (bicycles and cars), balls, and a sand box.

Kidz Junction’s supervision of toddlers will abide by a 6:1 ratio (one staff member supervising not more than 6 toddlers). Parents will be given daily reports of their child’s day (i.e. meals, length of nap time, etc.).