Preschool Program

(36 months — 4½ years)

Preschool Program (36 months — 4½ years)

Preschool Program (36 months — 4½ years)

This program is designated for children who are in the process of making the transition from being toddlers to school-age children. This program includes more group time and more elaborate creative activities. The preschool program offers the next step in your child’s development, following the toddler curriculum such as language, arts, math, science, and movement. At the end of the week there will be a general overview of your child’s activities and accomplishments in their cubby as well as worksheets provided for further learning.

Kidz Junction’s care within the preschool room will offer your child choices of play and planned activities. Learning centres will be available to the preschoolers at any time; they will have the choice to practice different skills through play such as:

Planned activities will be posted weekly and will have different topics. The children will learn different concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, colours, sequencing, and patterning. They will be encouraged to recognize, name, and trace numbers and letters. “Circle time” will be interactive and will develop expressive language through songs, stories, and games.

Preschoolers will have a playground with age-appropriate play structures. Breakfast and hot lunches will be provided and sleep/rest time (quiet activities) will be offered daily. Kidz Junction’s supervision of preschoolers will abide by an 8:1 ratio (one staff supervising not more than 8 children). Parents will be given weekly reports of their child’s day (i.e. activities, learning progress, etc.).