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Get the best for your little one: enroll your child today knowing that Kidz Junction prides itself on giving your precious little person the best care available. Put your trust in our certified staff to provide the best environment possible, second only to home.
Kidz Junction is happy to welcome both parents and children to our beautiful South-side centre. Come check out our staff in action: we always welcome parents to visit our “home away from home” during regular business hours. Our care providers always have time to answer your questions and your wee one is encouraged to join in the activities while you’re here.

Registering your child with Kidz Junction is quick and easy. Simply download our Registration Form to get started now. Rest assured that your information is always kept confidential and secure. This information is crucial as it allows our staff and management to get to know your child’s wants and needs.

We work at a child to care provider ratio as per the Child Care Licensing Act. This ensures that your little one receives all the attention they require at their stage of development. Admission to Kidz Junction depends on space: we will only accept as many children that we can confidently care for and work with.

Fees vary based on the program selected for your child and the amount of time spent with us. Kidz Junction strives to offer South-side residents affordable rates for premium services.

Fee schedule

Fees are to be paid in full on the first of every month. This ensures that your child maintains a space at Kidz Junction. Late charges will be incurred if fees are not paid on time.


Kidz Junction & Out of School Care provides convenient transportation on the South side to and from school for enrolled children. We have certified vans to transport children safely. The driving history of each driver is carefully reviewed in order to ensure your child’s safety.
The following are rules and guidelines that all children must follow when transportation is provided:

Safety is our priority and we will make every effort to ensure children arrive at school safe and on time.

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